Great Brain Science Fair

DaVinci Night Tuesday - April 26th 5:00 - 7:30

DaVinci Night is a combination of the Great Brain Science Fair , The Art Show, and Classroom Challenges. Anyone who enters a science project will receive a Great Brain T-Shirt!

Great Brain Science Fair is open to kids from Kindergarten to 5th Grade at Ronald Reagan.
This is an UNJUDGED event.  
T-Shirts are awarded for participation.

We will be publishing the rules for this as the project progresses. 
Project must be turned in, set-up, and also picked up at the end of the event to receive a T-shirt.

Please consider joining this committee to help plan the event.

Ideas for Grade School Science Projects

Samples of how to do a Science Project

Great Brain Applications

Great Brain Project

Classroom Challenges

Challenge Description:

One of the events during the DaVinci Festival is the grade-level engineering challenge competition.  On the day of the DaVinci Festival, each grade level is assigned an engineering challenge with constraints.  Working together as a classroom team, students take on the engineering challenge and build a submission in hopes of winning the competition.  That evening at the festival, each grade level-competition takes place and class winners declared.   Between the engineering time in the classroom and the live competition whether their class wins or not, its loads of fun for all!

Each class in each grade will have a challenge that they can do to enter into competition at the DaVinci Night.
The winning class in each grade level  will receive a party for their class!

The Art Show

The Art Show will feature one of your child’s pieces of art from the year. The Art Mom’s will be selling amazing, fun snacks to raise funds for future Art Projects.  Contact an Art Mom to see how you can help!
The Art Mom's are always looking for volunteers too!  
Please contact: 
Jessica Rogers
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