Kiss the Pig

2021 Ronald Reagan Kiss the Pig Contest Results

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the Kiss the Pig Contest!
Between jelly bracelets, you earned walking, your tickets you saved from the Fall Festival, and the cash that was donated...
You have raised a total of $874.06 for your classroom accounts.
Well Done!!

The top three winners for the PTA-funded Parties are....

In third place for the Ronald Reagan Kiss the Pig contest is....

3rd Grade’s - Mrs. Bedard with the 2nd heaviest pig at the contest holding $59.13 for her classroom account.
Her class will win a Pop Corn Party.

Defying all odds and tying for 2nd place in the contest is....
3rd Grade’s Mrs. Gingerich and
4th Grade’s Mrs. Curtis with $91.29 going to each of their classrooms. Their classes will both win an Ice Cream Party.

Finishing in 1st place with the heaviest pig in the contest weighing in at 7lbs 11 ounces, sacrificing his all with two broken legs, weighing more than her baby daughter, and gaining her the privilege of Kissing the Pig is....
Kindergarten’s Mrs. Gaylor! The $235.22 that they raised for their classroom will earn them a Pizza Party!

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