November Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who supported their children's teachers by contributing to their "pig." Tickets from the Fall Festival (50 cents each), jelly bracelets from the Walk-a-thon (10 cents each), and cash contributions were added to each teacher's account to be used for prizes, etc. in their classrooms. Mrs. Gaylor's pig weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces and contained $235.22! She won the honor of kissing the pig on October 28. Her class also won a pizza party.

Second place, winning an ice cream party, was a tie. Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Gingerich each had $91.29.

Third place, winning a popcorn party, was Mrs. Bedard with $59.13.
View photos/videos on our website. Kiss the Pig

We are providing a Potato Bar for the teachers and staff on Thursday, November 11, so they can have some nourishment prior to conferences that evening. Please use the Signup Genius to provide a small portion of the meal.

We are beginning to plan the Spring Carnival, so please join us at our next PTA meeting on Tuesday, November 9th at 4:00 pm at Ronald Reagan Elementary. You must be a member to vote. Links to the Google Meet are in the Agenda button below if you cannot attend in person.
Mrs. Harp will be in the library to watch the kids so you can join the meeting!
Some of our programs supported by the fundraising are:
*The Great Brain Program *The Great Artist Program *The Library Book Program *Outdoor Seating *Digital Screen for the Projector *Teacher and Grade Level Accounts
We still have lots of fun things coming up and your help is needed! Join a Committee to help!

November 11th Papa Murphy's Out Night We receive 20% of the sales when you bring in the flyer or mention Ronald Reagan Elementary.

Thank you for all you do!

PTA Executive Board
Phyllis Tincher - President
Stephanie Edwards - Vice President
Sue Marostica - Secretary/Treasurer

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