Our Students will be selling the gift cards to Texas Roadhouse and the Legendary Texas Roadhouse Rolls and Honey Butter.
Students will sell online from February 3rd-16th,
Texas Roadhouse Processes Orders February 17th through March 2nd.
We will deliver the Gift Cards and Vouchers  March 15th
You deliver Roll Vouchers March 19th – 30th
Customer picks up orders at Texas Roadhouse in Nampa March 31 – April 1st
Money earned will be used to benefit the students of Ronald Reagan Elementary!

We are encouraging everyone to do the online ordering,
but for those who wish to still use the form we will provide a downloadable form here for you to use.

➢ The class/team that raises the most money will earn a
 Dinner Voucher for the Teacher!!


Top selling students will win their choice of Spirit Wear ($200 + Sales)
Winning a Spirit Wear Apparel

*Remember to have fun and keep safe by selling to people you know! Go Roadrunners!


Distribute Electronic ORDER LINK: https://na.eventscloud.com/ereg/newreg.php?eventid=604572&
Order Window Closed: February 16 
Gift Card and Roll Voucher Issued for Delivery: March 15
Deliver to Customer: March 19-30
Customer Picks Up Rolls: March 31 – April 1

Rolls are $5.00 per dozen and Butter is $2.00 per tub.   
Gift cards are in denominations of $10 – $15 – $20 – $25 – $30 – $50 – $75 –  $100


Instructions for Online Ordering

Time to start our Easter FUNdraiser!












Paper Order Forms

We are encouraging everyone to do the online ordering for ease of use, but many of us are used to the way we did it before.

In realitiy it is tough to turn down a kid in person asking for your support for their education

If you still like to go door to door, or people want to pay with a check or cash we are making it easier for you this time around.

Here is a paper order form you can download and collect from.

Please make sure all checks are made out to you
After you have collected all the money you can do one of two things. 

  1. Go online and fill out each individual customers informationa and pay with your credit card
  2. Place one online order for ALL the orders totals from your order form and pay with your credit card
  3. If choosing option 2, then give the PTA a copy of your order form so that we can give you vouchers for each person.